Preference will be given to students going into a field of study related to the Telecommunications industry.

Selection for the Vocational Education Scholarship will be based on the following factors and percentages:

  1. Financial Need. (30%)
  2. Work History. (40%)
  3. Grade Point Average, SAT/ACT scores, and school curriculum. (10%)
  4. Community Service and other outside activities. (20%)

Applicants must complete all sections of the application. While attachments are acceptable, do not simply reference the attachments when completing the application. (i.e., do not say “see attached”)

Scholarship recipients will be notified via email. Please add to your approved list., and please provide a valid email you check often.

    2022 Vocational Education Scholarship Application

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    College / University / Technical School Applicant Plans to Attend

    Note: Any files coming from Google Docs must be downloaded from Google Docs as a PDF before uploading.